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Bacs corporate information

About Bacs

Bacs has been maintaining the integrity of payment related services since 1968, with responsibility for the
schemes behind the clearing and settlement of UK automated payment methods, Direct Debit and Bacs Direct
Credit, as well as the provision of managed services for third parties, such as the Cash ISA Transfer Service, and the development, management and subsequent ownership of the Current Account Switch Service.

Since its inception, more than 110 billion transactions have been debited or credited to British bank accounts via
Bacs and, in 2015, 6 billion UK payments were made this way. A new record was also set in July 2015, with
103 million transactions processed in a single day, while the value of transactions processed reached £52.3
billion on one day alone in April, another record.

Bacs is a membership company limited by Guarantee and has maintained carbon neutral status since 2012.

The Government acknowledges that the Bacs payment system is of critical importance to the UK financial system and has confirmed that it meets the recognition criteria set out in the Banking Act 2009.

More about Direct Debit

A Direct Debit is an instruction from a customer to their bank or building society authorising an organisation to
collect varying amounts from their account, normally for regular payments for everything from household bills to
charitable donations.

Almost nine out of 10 British adults (89%) have at least one Direct Debit commitment, with 73 per cent of household bills paid
this way; 66 per cent of people in GB prefer to pay most bills by Direct Debit, and the number of people who feel
positively towards Direct Debit reached 85 per cent in 2014.

Nearly 3.9 billion Direct Debits were processed in 2015, and Direct Debit payments are protected by the
Direct Debit Guarantee, a money back consumer safeguard.

For more information about Direct Debit, visit

More about Bacs Direct Credit

Bacs Direct Credit is a simple, secure and reliable service, which enables organisations of all sizes to make
payments direct into a bank or building society account - unlike cash or cheques, Bacs Direct Credit payments
cannot be lost, stolen or delayed in the post. In 2014 there were nearly 2.2 billion Bacs Direct Credit transactions.

There are more than 150,000 organisations in the UK using Bacs Direct Credit; while it has been widely adopted to pay benefits, wages and salaries – nearly 90 per cent of the country’s workforce is paid this way and one billion benefit payments are made via Bacs Direct Credit – it is also the payment method of choice for a range of other applications such as pension payments, employee expenses, insurance settlements, dividends and refunds.

More about the Current Account Switch Service

Since its launch in September 2013 more than 2.5 million UK current account customers have successfully
moved between banking providers using the Current Account Switch Service, which is owned and managed by

The service, which offers consumers, small businesses, trusts and small charities a simple, reliable and stress-free way of switching current accounts, was created to increase competition, support the entry of new banks in the current account market place and give consumers greater choice when switching from one bank or building society current account to another. It is now offered by 40 high street banks and building societies – up from 33 at launch - giving almost total coverage of the current account market.

Once a current account has been opened with a new bank or building society, the Current Account Switch
Service will transfer all the activity relating to the old account to the new one. That includes moving incoming and
outgoing payments, and transferring the account balance, as well as closing the old account.

The service is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee, which promises to reimburse account holders if they incur any fees or charges as a result of the switch over.

To find out more about the Current Account Switch Service click here.

More about the Cash ISA Transfer Service

The automated Cash ISA Transfer Service was launched in October 2012 to improve the quality and ease of
transfers, reduce paper flow and increase efficiency.

Thanks to the service consumers can benefit from an improved experience, as transferring is easier and may be faster than before, due to a standard process that providers follow.

The service supports transfers of:
  • An Adult Cash ISA to another Adult Cash ISA
  • An Adult Cash ISA to an Adult Stocks and Shares ISA
  • A Junior Cash ISA to another Junior Cash ISA
  • A Junior Cash ISA to a Junior Stocks and Shares ISA.
To find out more about the Cash ISA Transfer Service click here.

More about the Biller Update Service

Launched in June 2013, the Biller Update Service (BUS), operated by Bacs on behalf of Payments UK, provides
participating organisations with a centrally-managed facility to update and disseminate biller information. It allows receiving organisations to update and maintain their own biller lists which they provide to customers via
telephone and internet banking channels.

BUS ensures new requests submitted to the service are validated and then circulated to all receiving organisations, improving the accuracy and consistency of the biller information they provide.

Key benefits of the service include:
  • Updates will have been validated with the submitting organisation before being published
  • Information provided to users will be consistent
  • Users can update their own biller lists to improve the quality and accuracy of the information they provide to customers.
To find out more about the Biller Update Service click here.
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