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Bacs Accredited Aggregator Service


​A Bacs Accredited Aggregator (BAA) is a third party that provides one or more payment service providers (PSPs) with a technical access solution that enables the submission of input to, and receipt of output from, the Bacs service, and has been accredited by Bacs for that purpose.

By establishing and proving connectivity with the Bacs infrastructure, a BAA can effectively provide their PSP customers with technical access to all Bacs services, including all Bacs managed services.

A full document describing the Bacs Accredited Aggregator Service (BAAS) can be found in the Information Hub to the right of your screen. It should be read by any organisation that may wish to provide payment aggregation services to PSPs, or any organisation that already provides such services to PSPs accessing other payment systems.

By working with us, a BAA will receive access to the support, documentation, experience, and expertise needed to deliver the best solution to your customers. In turn, we can ensure that your aggregator solution is subjected to the same level of independent accreditation as any other BAA, helping us meet our obligation to maintain and protect the integrity of the services we provide.

As an accredited aggregator, there are many benefits for your customers:

  • They can be certain that the technical access solution they have chosen already meets the requirements of the Bacs service, resulting in a reduction in technical access costs and timescales
  • Sourcing technical access via a BAA will enable PSPs to focus on product development activities, safe in the knowledge that integration with Bacs services is being provided by an aggregator that has been accredited for the purpose by Bacs
  • Using the services of a BAA will continue to provide PSPs with benefits beyond the initial implementation, ensuring ongoing compliance with technical requirements and enhancements, and providing input in to annual attestation (self certification) activities
  • A BAA can provide additional benefits by partnering with a direct Bacs participant that is willing to provide PSPs with access to settlement services.

Organisations considering provision of aggregation service should contact us.

Bacs already provides approval and accreditation processes for bureaux and solution providers under the Bacs Approved Bureaux and Bacs Approved Software Supplier schemes. For further information visit Bacs Approved Services.

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