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Payment Service Provider Access


​Opening Up Access

Our objective

​To provide a fair, competitive environment in which Payment Service Providers (PSPs) can effectively offer services to their customers – widening access to emerging PSPs is central to this.

Our role

We believe that the most powerful role Bacs can play in the payments and banking sector is that of empowerment: helping end users to achieve their objectives, without dictating the way in which they do so.

​Earlier in 2016

As the first step in opening up access to Bacs, we issued a consultation entitled ‘Payment Service Provider Access: Widening Access and Choice’. The consultation was well received by key stakeholders across the value chain and produced a wide range of views. Responses have been reviewed and analysed, producing two key findings:

  • Broad support is evident for the access concepts described in the paper
  • Indirect PSPs are faced with a restricted supply of cost effective access services at present.

This lack of competition appears to be driven primarily by increased regulatory risks associated with the current sponsorship model. Consequently, while a range of practical technical options are available, or can be developed, the current ‘membership’ model and associated liability framework needs to be addressed if more open access is to be achieved.

We are therefore announcing a roadmap of change to access. This journey will simplify access and offer more choice to PSPs seeking to connect to Bacs.

Way forward

We are continuing to develop and deliver changes to our access model to build on the findings of the consultation. The diagram below summarises the streams of work we are progressing. For further details about each of the work streams click on the titles of the diagram below. A PDF version of the diagram is also available from the Information Hub below or to the right of your screen.

Bacs PSP Access roadmap - current activities - 2016

Technical accessService access


SecurityStandardsCross Scheme

The diagram summarises the interconnected streams of work that collectively represent work we are performing on the PSP access model. We will be updating this information periodically as we continue to develop this complex area. If you would like further information about opening up access please contact us. ​

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