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Travel firms increasingly turning to Direct Debit

Graham Callaghan, Senior Business Development Manager, BacsPosted on 18 December 2018

​​Christmas brings presents, trees, fairy lights, food  - and the first of the brand new summer holiday ads complete with palm trees and sparkling seas. But with pockets already hit hard with the big festive spend, paying for two weeks away can seem a stretch - increasingly, though, there are firms making it that little bit easier.

Last month, another travel provider announced it was preparing to launch a Direct Debit option for customers, making it easier for people to pay for that much-needed break. With the flexibility to spread the cost of a holiday through monthly payments, it seems like a win-win for all.

The announcement by Midcounties Co-operative Travel​, follows the likes of Thomas Cook, Hays Travel and others, which have all also launched a Direct Debit option recently, and these developments appear to illustrate a trend in the sector.

We’re all used to paying our household bills, subscriptions and other regular outgoings by Direct Debit, so why not pay for a holiday in the same way, using a method we are used to and can trust?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this familiarity with the product, and protection afforded by the Direct Debit Guarantee, means that the established payment method continues to go from strength-to-strength.

In 2017, Direct Debit volumes grew to record levels, increasing by 3.8 per cent year-on-year, with a value in excess of £1.3 trillion.​

Over 150 million more payments were made this way than in 2016, underlining its popularity and desirability to organisations and customers alike.

As businesses in an ever-expanding range of sectors turn to Direct Debit for ease, convenience, and flexibility this can only benefit consumers.

So, as winter grips the UK and we reach for the scarf and gloves, paying for that trip to warmer climes is becoming easier than ever.