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Commercial Facilities Management Consultation


Update on our recent consultation

We recently carried out a consultation on Commercial Facilities Management (CFM) relating to monies collected by Bacs Direct Debit – this closed on 14 June 2019. The consultation sought feedback about the Bacs Accreditation Scheme for CFM providers. It also asked for comments in relation to: 

  • The use of the Bulk Change Process to switch Facilities Management (FM) clients from one CFM provider to another, including for “bundled products” (i.e. where a single Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) is used to collect monies in relation to several products or services provided to the payer);
  • The role of sponsoring payment services providers (PSP) in ensuring that their CFM service users are compliant;
  • DDIs for regulated financial products (e.g. products or services which enable consumers to save, invest, get insurance or get a mortgage).

Thank you to the numerous FM providers and PSPs who responded to the consultation. We are currently considering the consultation responses. We will update FM providers and PSPs on the outcome of the consultation and any action we propose to take in due course.


As discussed at the workshops held on 27 and 28 February 2019, Pay.UK, the operator of Bacs, would like to consult CFM providers and Bacs direct participants about the Bacs accreditation process for CFM providers (see

Pay.UK would like feedback on using the Bulk Change Process to switch Facilities Management Clients from one CFM Provider to another, and the role of sponsoring payment service providers (PSP) in ensuring their CFM service users comply with the Service User's Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit Scheme and the Accreditation Agreement.

Depending on the results of the consultation, changes to the Accreditation Agreement and / or the Service User's Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit Scheme may be necessary.

CFM providers and PSPs are strongly encouraged to respond to this consultation to help inform Pay.UK how improvements can be made to the Accreditation Agreement and / or the Service User's Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit Scheme, and how specific issues that have arisen could be addressed.

Please send your responses to the consultation questions to Pay.UK by close of business on Friday 14 June 2019.  

Depending on the feedback to this consultation, Pay.UK may then carry out a second consultation on the specific wording of any proposed changes to the Accreditation Agreement and Service User's Guide and Rules to Direct Debit. This consultation is therefore focussed on the principle of making changes and how, in principle, to address issues that have arisen, as well as to gather data to help Pay.UK better understand the scale of any such issues.

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