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Direct Debit Control Centre app



Help your customers take control of their Direct Debit payments

One of the most frequently cited reasons for not using Direct Debit is ‘loss of control of finances’.

The Direct Debit Control Centre app has been designed to make sure bill payers can stay on top of their automated bill payments putting them back in control.

The app, available free to iPhone and Android users, allows users to list all their Direct Debits together along with payment dates, amounts and details of what they’re for.

Payment date reminders can be set up making it easy for bill payers to ensure they have enough money in their account to cover the cost. So, if a Direct Debit is due and money is a bit tight, the alert can give users the chance and the time to make alternative arrangements to meet their commitments.

The Direct Debit Control Centre also features a monthly overview screen, which instantly shows the total amount of Direct Debits in place for that month, together with a summary of how much is left to go out.

Users can group their Direct Debits into categories, so, for example, all insurance Direct Debits or all utility bill payments can be placed together for easy viewing.

Why not offer the Direct Debit Control Centre app to your customers, enabling them to easily monitor their Direct Debit commitments and quickly access important financial information, wherever they are.


  • The app functions using Direct Debit information input by the user into their device, it does not have access to any 'live' Direct Debit data, payment system or bank accounts
  • The appearance of the actual device screens may vary slightly to the images below depending on the device being used.

Which devices it works on:

  • iPhone – iOS 7+
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and up.


  • Direct Debit reminders in advance of the due date
  • A snapshot of Direct Debit commitments registered for the current month as well as the amount outstanding for the remainder of the month
  • Direct Debits can be categorised for quick and easy viewing
  • The user can set their own reminder parameters
  • Data can be password protected for extra security
  • Simple, intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Includes processing calendar dates up to 2021.

Helping you help your customers take control of their Direct Debit payments

Offer the Direct Debit Control Centre app to your customers and put them in control of their finances.

Some ideas for letting your customers know about the Direct Debit Control Centre 

Link to the video:

Encourage your customers to watch the short Direct Debit Control Centre video which gives a quick demonstration of how to use the main functions of the app. The video can be viewed at

Further information

If you require any further information about the Direct Debit Control Centre visit​ where you will find the terms of use together with some FAQs that we have developed in case anyone should experience difficulties using the app.

For more details about how we can help you promote Direct Debit to increase customer sign up, why not visit Marketing Direct Debit, or contact one our Direct Debit experts.


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