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Cash ISA Transfer Service


​The Bacs Cash ISA Transfer Service automates the communication between an acquiring party and a ceding party for a Cash ISA transfer. It involves information exchanges (messages) between the acquiring party and the ceding party.

The service was developed in response to the changing regulatory landscape relating to the speed of the transfer of Cash ISAs.

The benefits: 

  • For Cash ISA providers the service results in an increase in the quality and ease of the transfer of Cash ISAs due to the automation and standardisation of information flows between providers
  • Consumers benefit from an improved experience as transferring is easier and may be faster as there is a standard process that providers follow
  • There is a reduction in the amount of paper used in the process, this is environmentally beneficial and there are associated cost savings due to the absence of forms, envelopes and postage
  • Automation of the information flows means there is certainty of delivery and receipt of the information passed from one provider to another
  • There is an audit trail available for all Cash ISAs transferred in the event of a dispute. 

Participants are registered to use the service by Bacs or Faster Payments (FPS) Scheme members. A participant is registered on the service as a service user and is identified by a Service User Number (SUN).

The service supports transfers of:

  • An adult Cash ISA to another adult Cash ISA
  • An adult Cash ISA to an adult Stocks and Shares ISA
  • A junior Cash ISA to another junior Cash ISA
  • A junior Cash ISA to a junior Stocks and Shares ISA
  • An adult Cash ISA to an Innovative Finance (IF) ISA. 

The payment to transfer the balance is outside the scope of the service.

Operating the service

Operational and reference documents relating to the Bacs Cash ISA Transfer Service are available from the Cash ISA Transfer Service participants site.

These documents are only available to Cash ISA Transfer Service participants. You may request access to them by contacting the Cash ISA Transfer Service representative within your organisation.

For more information please contact us.


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