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Promoting financial inclusion for all

It is estimated that there are six million adults in the UK who are still wary of using financial solutions like Direct Debit, even though they have an appropriate bank account.

That puts into perspective the situation you face day in and day out when it comes to helping people embrace the benefits of automated payments.

In support of the government initiative to improve access and use of basic financial products amongst the socially excluded, we're here to help promote financial inclusion for all and we've put together some tools, information and advice to make your job easier.

Our message is a clear one - Direct Debit can help people control their money. It's a guaranteed way to spread costs, save money and achieve real peace of mind.

There are plenty more positive points we can pass on to people. Those paid weekly for example, can be encouraged by introducing a wider choice of payment dates and increased frequency of payments throughout the year. That way they can choose payment dates close to when they receive income.

Understanding the issues and overcoming the concerns

Gain insight into why some people resist the benefits of Direct Debit. As well as providing the main findings of our research amongst job seekers, people on low incomes and both young and older working people, we look at ways to overcome their concerns.

If you are seeking specific statistics or research reports, please contact us.


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