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Operating The Schemes - Payment Service Providers

It is important you have an understanding of your responsibilities when running Bacs Schemes. In this section you will find information and advice relating to operating Bacs Schemes as a paying or sponsoring payment service provider (PSP)​. If you are looking for information when acting as a service user or to help answer enquiries from your customers, refer to Operating Bacs Schemes - Businesses.

Scheme Rules


​Handling indemnity claims 

Under the Direct Debit Scheme Rules paying PSPs are required to refund the payer in the event an error is made in the payment of a Direct Debit. Make sure you understand the process.

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Information Hub
Minimize Operating The Schemes - Payment Service Providers
  • BACSPayment service provider central contacts

    Payment service provider​ contact details for indemnity claims, account switching and new non AUDDIS DDIs​​

  • BACSGuide and Rules microsites
    Microsites for the various editions of the Guide and Rules for Bacs services and schemes
  • BACSIndemnity claims contacts
    Payment service provider (PSP)​ contact list for when raising a DDIC Challenge and / or when raising a DDIC direct with the paying PSP​
  • BACS2022 processing calendars
    The Bacs processing calendar showing non processing dates and indicating Julian dates to assist with payment processing​​​
  • BACSBacs training
    Materials and courses to help organisations properly train their staff in all elements of payment products
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