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Sector specific information - SMEs

​​​Why pay direct

Bacs Direct Credit is a simple, secure, and reliable service which enables any organisation to make electronic payments directly into payment service providers.

Being paid direct

Getting paid by Bacs Direct Credit doesn't require a degree in computer science - simply ask to be paid this way. It makes business sense to actively encourage all your customers to pay you direct by Bacs Direct Credit. It's a good idea to put your sort code and account number on all your invoices with the message 'Pay Me Direct' in bold - the benefits are numerous.

Paying direct

You probably already pay your salaries or wages this way so the processes are already in place, making it easy for you to use Bacs Direct Credit for all your business payments.

How to pay direct

Learn how to start paying direct and then encourage your suppliers to receive payments this way. Download the Paying suppliers direct sample letter.


Letter templates

The best way to get people to pay you direct is to ask them! Our sample letters can help you persuade all your business contacts to pay you this way. The letters can be found in the Information Hub to the right or at the bottom of your screen.

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