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Sort Code Validation Accreditation


​If you offer a sort code validation product apply to have your product accredited

Pay.UK accreditation scheme ensures that commercial organisations who provide sort code validation products on a subscription basis or ‘pay per use’ basis to UK businesses, provide regular and up to date information.

The Sort Code Validation Accreditation Scheme is a voluntary scheme arising from an industry initiative to improve the distribution of Bank Reference Data - specifically the desire to provide assurance that the sort code information within the UK payments industry is accurate and up to date.

Aimed at commercial providers who offer sort code validation products, providers will be able to offer their customers sort code validation products that carry Pay.UK approval providing certain criteria has been met. In return, providers of accredited products will have industry approval of their products and an entry on a table of accredited products on the Pay.UK website.

For more information and to apply for accreditation contact Pay.UK​.


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