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Are your details up-to-date?



It is essential all contact details on the Payment Services Website (PSW) are kept up-to-date in order for your sponsoring payment service provider (PSP) and Bacs to contact you with important information.

To check if your details are up-to-date or to change your details log on to the PSW and follow the steps below. Please note this information and details including how to log on to the PSW, adding additional contacts, changing passwords etc, can be found in the Bacstel-IP Service user guide.

To view and amend your details

You must have logged on to payment services with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) or ASM (Alternative Security Method).

1.    Select my details

  • From the main menu, select My details. The My details screen will load
  • This displays information about your contact, including your privileges. If you do not want to make any changes to this screen, select another menu option to continue.

2.    Make the required changes

  • You can change the following details:
    • Email address
    • Telephone numbers (an office, out of office, mobile and fax number are held; you can also record additional information against your office telephone and mobile numbers,
      for example, times they should be used)
  • To change your email address or telephone numbers, enter the required information
  • Click submit
  • A confirmation screen should load.

3.    Check the summary and click confirm

  • Check the summary
  • If it is correct, click confirm
  • The Security check screen loads
  • If you are logged on with PKI, your signing software opens. With your smartcard in the reader use your PIN to sign the information
  • If you are logged on with ASM, enter your password and click OK
  • If successful, the Success screen loads.

For more information including how to log on to the PSW, adding additional contacts, changing passwords, and more please read the Bacstel-IP Service user guide. This document is in the password protected area of this website and is only accessible to registered users. If you haven't yet applied for your password do so now.

No longer a Primary Security Contact?

If you are no longer a Primary Security Contact (PSC) then your sponsoring PSP will need to change the information on the Payment Services Website (PSW). Please contact your sponsoring PSP​.