Microsoft withdrew its support for IE11 on 15 June 2022 and the IE11 desktop application is now out of support. You should make changes to avoid interruption in accessing Bacs and Pay.UK websites. We recommend installing the latest version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
Visit IE11 withdrawal – impact on Bacs for information on how this may affect your access to the Payment Services Website.

Bacs Payment Services Website refresh project

The Bacs Payment Services Website has been refreshed

We have made improvements to the Bacs Payment Services Website (PSW), which went live for all Bacs service users and agency payment service providers on 13 June. 

If you are a Current Account Switch Service participant, Cash ISA Transfer Service participant or Bacs direct participant, please view the relevant section under questions and answers below.

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Test your JavaScript status

The new PSW relies on JavaScript to function. You need to make sure you have JavaScript enabled on your browser otherwise you may not be able to access the new PSW.

User experience modules

We have created user experience modules which demonstrate what the refreshed PSW looks like. This is to enable you to get familiarised with the screens and layout (note: it is not intended to replicate the live environment).

Access to the user experience modules is via a link in the step-by-step guides produced to help you navigate your way around the modules. The guides along with videos demonstrating the modules can be found in the table below.

Bacs Payment Services Website refresh questions and answers

To find out more about the Bacs PSW improvements, please read our prepared questions and answers below.

FAQs for all Payment Services Website users
  • What are we doing to the Bacs PSW, and why are we doing it?

    We have made improvements to the Bacs PSW to help make it easier to use. We improved the user experience and make it compatible across more browsers. 

  • Which browsers are supported?

    For access via PKI, you need to use IE11 compatibility mode in the latest version of Edge, and that’s for both the Payment Services Website and for submitting payment files.

    If you use ASM to log on to the Payment Services Website, you need to use a different browser; the latest version of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

  • ​I already use Chrome, what has changed?

    Browsers like Chrome did work up to a point with the older PSW but this was not supported. The refreshed Payment Services Website allows a wider range of browsers (Chrome, Firefox , Edge , Safari) to fully support all new PSW functions.

  • What are the user experience modules for?

    The user experience modules are a helpful tool for existing PSW users to familiarise themselves with the refreshed PSW.

  • ​How do I access the user experience modules?

    To access the user experience modules, download the corresponding guide from the Information hub (either below or to the right of your screen), and copy the link within the guide into either an Edge or Chrome browser.

  • How do I access the refreshed PSW?

    The refreshed PSW is on the same URL you previously used. You must ensure you have JavaScript enabled, otherwise you may find you're unable to access the site.

  • I can’t open PSW / I’m getting an error message when I input the url – what shall I do?

    The Payment Services Website has been refreshed, and it does now need Javascript to be enabled for it to work. Your IT support should be able to fix that for you.

  • What will happen to any open workflows I had before 13 June?

    Worklist approvals open before 13 June will still show on the refreshed site to be completed after the transition. A services activities that have been 'saved as draft' on the old site will NOT appear on the refreshed site from 13 June and the activity will need to be restarted.

  • Does my current contact / card work in the refreshed site?

    There will be no changes to the existing security methods. 

  • Can I access both old and refreshed site in parallel?

    No, after 13 June you will only be able to access the refreshed PSW. 

  • Will the data changes made on the old site be reflected in the refreshed site?

    Yes, the database will remain same, data created in one site will be available on the other site.

  • Do I have to change the unattended / automated report collection URL?

    No, there are no changes to the unattended / automated report collection URLs.

  • Are there any changes to Bacstel-IP / ETS / STS submission channels URL?

    No, there are no changes to the submission channels

  • Is the PSW refresh impacted by IE11/ Websigner

    The PSW refresh project is a key element of our overall response to Microsoft's decision to bring forward the withdrawal of support for IE11, to 15 June 2022. Thanks to our forward-looking approach, we have ensured that the new PSW will work in IE11 compatibility mode in Edge for eSigner access. 

Important transition details - Bacs direct participants
  • How will I access the refreshed PSW site?

    From 13 June, the temporary URL you were previoiusly using has been deactivated. Please now revert back to the main URL.

  • Can I access both old and refreshed site in parallel?

    No, you are now only able to access the refreshed PSW.

Important transition details - Current Account Switch Service and Cash ISA Transfer Service participants
  • How will I access the refreshed PSW site?

    From 13 June, the temporary URL you were previously using has been deactivated. Please revert back to the main URL.

  • Can I access both old and refreshed site in parallel?

    No, you are now only able to access the refreshed PSW.

Branding and who Pay.UK is

The Bacs PSW was Bacs branded. However, the refreshed Bacs PSW has been launched in Pay.UK branding, so the logo and the colours used on the site have changed. 

In 2019 Pay.UK became the home for the UK's retail payment schemes Bacs, Faster Payments, Cheques. By bringing the schemes together as Pay.UK, we put the needs of consumers and businesses at the heart of everything we do. As one operator for all UK retail payments, we make sure that every retail payment sent or transferred in the UK is done safely and securely.

Our core purpose is to enable a vibrant UK economy, driving involvement and collaboration in payments. By delivering best-in-class infrastructure, standards and rules, we will maintain the UK's position for word-leading payment operations.

Find out more about Pay.UK and our responsibilities for payment operations at

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