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Accredited training


​​The B​acs Training Accreditation Scheme - make sure the courses your staff attend are​ Bacs accredited ones

At Bacs we believe training can lead to substantial benefits for users of Direct Debit and Bacs Direct Credit. So we introduced the Bacs Training Accreditation Scheme, whereby providers of Bacs related training may apply to have their courses accredited. This means the course content is up-to-date and relevant to the latest vers​ion of the Scheme rules. Look out for the Bacs accredited training logo, identifying training providers and their accredited training courses.

There are many benefits to attending one of the of Bacs accredited training courses:

  • Receive up-to-date compliance advice
  • Be made aware of the latest best practices
  • Keep your staff motivated
  • Get the most out of your Direct Debits and Bacs Direct Credits
  • Share and learn from with your peers.

Consider sending your staff on a Bacs accredited training course:

  • When new staff join your business
  • When existing staff have a change of duties that now includes Bacs products and processes
  • As refresher training for existing staff to ensure their knowledge of Bacs products and processes is completely up-to-date.​ 

Providers of Bacs accredited training

    Accountis (Finastra)

    This organisation profile has been written by Accountis (Finastra).

    Accountis (Finastra) was founded in 1993 and provides software products and services to payment service providers and businesses of all sizes around the world.

    Excellence in Direct Debits

    Accountis’ (Finastra) one-day Direct Debit training course, called ‘Excellence in Direct Debits’ is designed to provide finance professionals at all levels with the knowledge, tools and advice they need to confidently implement and manage a Direct Debit scheme. It is intensive – as there is a lot to learn in one day – but Accountis (Finastra) ensure that the course is interactive and enjoyable, so that all attendees leave feeling knowledgeable and enthused about the subject.  At the end of the day all course attendees will:

    • Understand how Direct Debits work
    • Know the Rules and latest Scheme requirements
    • Understand the terminology and acronyms of the Scheme
    • Know the impact poor compliance can have on business
    • Be able to build a confident Direct Debit team
    • Know the major pitfalls and how to avoid them
    • Maintain Direct Debit best practice at all times
    • See Direct Debits from a customer’s perspective
    • See how small changes to your operation can reduce unpaid and rejected items.

    Who should attend?

    Finance professionals who want to improve the process of collecting by Direct Debit should attend this course. It is also perfect for compliance officers and decision makers who are already collecting payments by Direct Debit or who are considering it for the first time. Managers, supervisors and staff who are experiencing high levels of unpaid items, indemnity claims and cancellations of Direct Debit Instructions will also find this course invaluable.

    For more information or to book a Direct Debit training course please call 0845 120 8050 or email​​

  • This organisation profile has been written by Allpay Limited.

    Understanding Paperless Direct Debits

    allpay was established in 1994 and is the UK’s leading payment specialist. As a Bacs approved bureau allpay process over 2.2 million Direct Debit transactions every month for over 160 clients.

    allpay understand the importance of training users to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Direct Debit processes. Knowledge of the Direct Debit Instruction, collection process, Guarantee, and Bacs reports enable organisations to provide a professional and compliant service to their customers.

    allpay offer a one day course held on-site at an organisation’s premises where a dedicated trainer offers support and advice. Where appropriate, the course can be tailored to ensure it suits the individual needs and requirements of an organisation.

    The course is suitable for anyone who is:

    • Planning to become a service user
    • Moving from paper to paperless Direct Debits
    • Responsible for Direct Debits within their organisation and has had no previous training
    • Looking to reduce the number of cancellations and / or indemnity claims they receive
    • Needing a Direct Debit refresher

    This full day course will increase awareness and knowledge of paperless Direct Debits, Bacs requirements and processes, as well as the role and responsibilities of a service user.

    The Course covers

    All about Direct Debits

    • An introduction to paperless Direct Debits
    • The benefits of paperless Direct Debits to both an organisation and their customers
    • Direct Debit terminology

    All about Bacs

    • What is Bacs?
    • Bacs processes including the Bacs cycle
    • Bacs reports – AUDDIS, ADDACS, ARUDD, DDIC
    • Bacs reason and transaction codes

    Paperless Direct Debits

    • Becoming a service user
    • Sign-up processes
    • The Direct Debit Instruction (DDI)
    • Know your customer (KYC)
    • The Direct Debit Guarantee
    • Advance notification

    Indemnity claims

    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Challenges and counter claims

    Knowledge quiz

    • To check learning

    All course materials are provided, as well as a certificate of completion.

    For more information and to book an Understanding Paperless Direct Debit Bacs accredited training course call 0844 557 8318, email, or visit our website.​​​​

    ​Clear Direct Debit

  • This organisation profile has been written by Clear Direct Debit.​

    Clear Direct Debit is a dedicated Direct Debit training and consultancy provider. Their expertise has been developed working with service users, software suppliers, payment service providers and bureaux and they have delivered training and consultancy to a diverse range of organisations in the UK. Having helped hundreds of service users get the most from the Direct Debit Scheme they are well positioned to be able to share best practices from a range of market sectors, including:

    • ​Charities and not for profit organisations
    • Public sector
    • Banking, insurance and finance
    • Housing, property and estate management
    • Education
    • Entertainment, sport and leisure
    • IT and telecoms
    • Professional services

    ​Bacs accredited Direct Debit training is modular and can be tailored to each organisation Clear Direct Debit work with. They use case studies and best practices from related industry sectors that are relevant to organisations and job roles. Clear Direct Debit aim to always deliver information that is clear, simple to understand and effective when put into practice.

    Clear Direct Debit provide regional Direct Debit training at major city centres where participants can attend as a delegate or on-site Direct Debit training where multiple team members can attend without having to leave their offices. Clear Direct Debit says: “We can cover setting up a new Direct Debit scheme through to AUDDIS migration or paperless implementation. We are also the only Bacs Accredited training provider who includes an online training resource to act as a follow-up learning solution.”

    The most popular course is the one day Direct Debit training for service users. It is a complete guide to collecting and processing Direct Debits in an efficient and compliant way. The training covers all the essential elements of the Direct Debit Scheme (including. the sign up process and related documents, successful collections and dealing with Bacs reports). Attending will help teams maximise the opportunities offered by Direct Debit whether that is to help reduce collection costs, sign up more payers, save administration time or reduce failed items.

    Clear Direct Debit provide all course materials including a workbook and attendees also receive a certificate of attendance.

    Clear Direct Debit says: “The feedback we receive from our delegates is consistently outstanding – as you can read on our website.”

    "So if you haven’t had any formal training or if it was more than 3 years ago; if you are introducing a new Direct Debit system, or if you are looking to gain immediate business benefits and generate lasting improvements in financial performance, this course is relevant for you.”

    For more information call 0845 658 6488 contact or visit​​

    ​Bottomline Payment Services Ltd


    This organisation profile has been written by Bottomline Payment Services Ltd.​

    Direct Debit Scheme Training for service users

    ​The Bottomline Academy offers a one-day training course that covers the Rules and processes of the Direct Debit Scheme. Focussed on staff who are responsible for, or involved in, the day-to-day processing of Direct Debits, systems and / or compliance.​

    This course offers a simplified view of the Scheme and provides an insight into what's required of service users and how they can get the best results from using Direct Debit. It begins with an overview of the Scheme, and covers the essential processes, Rules and requirements of Direct Debit, especially compliance and liabilities. Our training through the Bottomline Academy provides an opportunity to workshop problems arising from compliance issues. 

    • The Direct Debit Guarantee
    • Advance notice
    • The Direct Debit Instruction (DDI)
    • DDI lodgement
    • The collection process
    • Amendments and cancellations
    • DDI liability, storage and retrieval
    • The indemnity claim process
    • Paperless sign-up.

    ​Direct Debit Scheme Train​ing for paying payment service providers (PSP)​

    The Bottomline Academy's one-day training programme covers the Rules and processes of the Direct Debit Scheme from a paying PSPs perspective. The course is aimed at PSP staff who are responsible for, or involved in, processing Direct Debits.

    It covers subjects such as:

    • The Direct Debit Guarantee (responsibilities and liabilities for paying PSPs)
    • Direct Debit Instructions (acceptance / return / rejection)
    • Amendments and cancellations
    • Current Account Switching Service (CASS)
    • Direct Debit collections
    • The indemnity claim process (DDIC).

    For more information on the Bottomline Academy call 0118 982 2400, visit​ or contact​​​​​



    ​This organisation profile has been written by SmartDebit.

    ​‘Direct Debit Made Easy’ – a Bacs accredited course

    SmartDebit, established in 1998, is a leading UK bureau providing secure automated and online payment services for businesses of all sizes.

    Training for Direct Debit service users is key to understanding the Direct Debit Instruction and collection process in order to deliver a successful, well-planned service to payers.

    When processing collections, service users will need to understand Bacs reports and processing cycles, for example lead times, and liaise confidently with payers on such matters as the Direct Debit Guarantee.  

    Our accredited course is suitable for participants who are:

    • Setting up Direct Debits for the first time
    • Responsible for operating a Direct Debit service
    • Planning to become a paperless Direct Debit service user
    • Experiencing high volumes of cancellations, indemnity claims or unpaids.

    A comprehensive course will assist an efficient and timely collection service, reducing errors and increasing the collection success rate. 

    We have a range of delivery options to suit your organisation’s needs. Training can be delivered on scheduled training days at regional venues, we can provide training at the participants’ site, or alternatively at our training suite in Surrey. We also offer training by webinar which offers benefits in flexibility and cost effectiveness.

    SmartDebit training courses are delivered by specialist trainers who strive to ensure that the course delivery is varied, interactive and enjoyable. All course materials are provided, including a certificate of attendance.

    For more information and to book a SmartDebit “Direct Debit Made Easy” Bacs accredited course, please call 01276 819268 or email or visit their website​

    The ‘Direct Debit Made Easy’ course covers:

    The fundamentals of the Direct Debit Scheme

    • Direct Debit Instruction and Direct Debit Guarantee
    • The benefits and safeguards of Direct Debit
    • The essentials of getting the Direct Debit Scheme to work well
    • Becoming a Direct Debit service user
    • Using ‘The Service User’s Guide and Rules to the Direct Debit Scheme’
    • Payer payment service provider account validation
    • Advance notice
    • Re-presentation of unpaid Direct Debits
    • Dormancy
    • Exit from the Scheme.

    Paperless Direct Debit

    • Sign-up methods
    • Risks of paperless Direct Debit
    • Mandatory requirements
    • Post sign-up requirements.

    ​Bacs and how it relates to Direct Debit

    • What is Bacs? – some facts
    • What is Bacstel-IP?
    • Bacs cycles
    • The processing cycle
    • The lodgement and collection cycle
    • The unpaid cycle
    • Understand and action Bacs reports
    • AUDDIS –  Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service
    • ADDACS – Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service
    • ARUDD – Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits
    • DDIC - Direct Debit Indemnity Claim advice.

    Transaction codes and reason codes 

    • Understanding and interpreting the codes
    • Understanding the terminology and acronyms.

    Dealing with indemnity claims

    • Valid indemnity claims
    • Valid challenges​
    • Invalid claims.

    As well as our fully accredited course, SmartDebit offer a range of bitesize webinar options covering the following:

    • Getting started with Direct Debit – including how to apply for sponsorship, becoming a service user, payer sign-up processes and payer protection
    • Bacs reports made easy – including Bacs cycles, Bacs reports, transaction and reason codes
    • Dealing with indemnity claims – including what information you need to support a challenge
    • Changes to Bacs scheme rules 2017 to present – including storage and server security, electronic signature requirements and bulk changes.​​


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