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Bacs is now owned and operated by leading retail payments authority Pay.UK, along with Faster Payments and the Image Clearing System, the digital way to process cheques. In addition to their important role operating the UK's national retail payment systems, Pay.UK also manages a number of vital switching services on behalf of the industry.

These various services are all aimed at making life easier for consumers, businesses and charities, and include the UK's flagship Current Account Switch Service, which has heralded a step-change in the ease with which a current account can now be switched.

In fact, since its launch in 2013, over seven million accounts have been switched in the UK using the service, which is now offered by around 50 banks and building societies.

However, the switching services Pay.UK now manage extend beyond this and include the Payment Transfer Service, the Bulk Payment Redirection Service, and the Cash ISA Transfer Service.

You can find out more about all of these on the Pay.UK website, via the links below.

Current Account Switch Service

Payment Transfer Service

Cash ISA Transfer Service

Bulk Payment Redirection Service

Operational and reference documentation for participants

For access to operational and reference documents visit the relevant participants site via the links below.

To request access to these sites you will need to contact cass@wearepay.uk for Account Switching Service and for the Cash ISA Transfer service contact cisa@wearepay.uk.

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