Direct Debit is used by nine in ten UK consumers to pay some or all of their regular bills because it offers so many advantages. It is the only payment method with a money back guarantee giving your customers complete reassurance, knowing they are protected by a number of safeguards.

It can make your organisation's payment collection more efficient, manageable and more cost effective, which is why so many UK organisations of all sizes choose it as the preferred method for collecting regular payments from both businesses and individuals.


  • It's cheaper than cheque and safer than cash
  • You control the date of receipt into your account
  • You get cleared funds in your account on a known date
  • You can collect variable amounts on regular or irregular dates
  • It can eliminate time consuming reconciliation. Only errors and non-payments will be notified to you, so you can carry out reconciliation by exception.

For all the information you will need to start collecting Direct Debit payments from your customers visit Getting started - the sooner you get started, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

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