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Direct Debit is already recognised by many organisations and consumers as the easiest way to pay. So to maximise your use of the service, use the distinctive Direct Debit logo across as wide a range of media as possible. It must be included on all Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs) and should also be featured in all literature promoting Direct Debit.

Detailed guidelines on how to use the logo must be followed at all times. And you will need the written approval of your sponsoring payment service provider before you can publish the logo in your documents.

Download the Direct Debit logo guidelines from the Information Hub below or to the right of your screen, as well as the relevant files containing landscape and portrait versions of the Direct Debit logo. Select the format and version which best suits your design and software.

Please note the EPS logo files can only be downloaded using a Mac, if you are a PC user they will download as PostScript files (.ps).

Direct Debit Instruction templates and guidelines

These days, people receive a large number of offers to pay by Direct Debit. But, they don't always appreciate how simple it is to set up and use a Direct Debit. So a consistently recognisable presentation is vital to increase the take-up of Direct Debit by your customers and make it easier and more efficient for everyone involved in the payment process.

The standard DDI has been designed to make it easy for the customer to complete - and for you and your payment service provider  to process each payment automatically.

Ten different versions of the standard DDI templates have been designed. These templates are available in a number of formats and can all be downloaded from the Information Hub. ​​To view more than the five listed click on the arrow to the side of the Information Hub to make the panel slide out and enter 'DDIs' in the Search facility, or simply follow this link​.

Your responsibilities

All DDIs must follow all of the wording and the order of the information in the downloadable files.

You must ensure all literature, in respect of its Direct Debit application, is approved by your payment service provider. If an error is discovered after the printing of the approved DDI you must immediately contact your payment service provider who will advise of the appropriate action to be taken.

You must make sure that the DDI is correctly completed prior to despatch to the paying payment service provider  and that the customer has not added any amount or date restrictions to it. DDIs can only be lodged with the paying payment service provider by you and not directly by the customer.

If using the tear-off slip DDI format for additional information you must ensure that this is detached before sending it to the paying payment service provider.

The DDI is not evidence of any contract between you and your customer’s payment service provider.

The full guidelines for producing a DDI must be followed at all times and the design of all Direct Debits must be approved in writing by your sponsoring payment service provider before they can be issued. The guidelines can be downloaded from the Information Hub below or to the right of your screen.

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