Direct Debit is your preferred method of collection but are you certain your customer services teams are fully up to date with their Direct Debit knowledge?

Bacs Direct Credit is how your organisation chooses to make and receive payments by electronic transfer but are your staff aware of how simple, secure and reliable this payment method is?

  • Are they confident enough to discuss the difference between a Direct Debit and a standing order with a customer?
  • Do they know how the Direct Debit Guarantee works, and can they explain its benefits to a customer who's not convinced that Direct Debit is the payment method for them?
  • Do they know their ADDACS from their ARUDD?
  • Can they advise someone how to make an payment directly into your organisation’s account?

We offer online training courses covering the essentials of using the Bacs service and Paperless Direct Debit, and a wide range of accredited external training courses are provided by recognised third party companies. To find out more follow the links in the shields below.

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