Indirect submitters

What is an indirect submitter?

An indirect submitter uses a payment service provider or commercial bureau to submit payment files to Bacs. The file itself can be created by the payment service provider/bureau or by the submitter themselves.

Bacs approved bureaux

Over half of the organisations using the Bacs service make their payment submissions through our approved bureaux rather than submitting directly to Bacs. Bacs inspectors review the appropriateness of the bureaux to ensure they meet the standards set by the scheme. Below is a link to a list of Bacs approved bureaux.

Accessing Bacs

Indirect submitters still need to interact with Bacs to access reports and view submission history, this is easy, quick and secure via Bacstel-IP. First you need to be registered on Bacstel-IP and must register for a password and contact ID to gain access to the Bacs payment services website.


Bacstel-IP is the delivery channel which gives corporate users secure online access to Bacs. Bacstel-IP is a multi-layered, highly advanced, online submission channel and the largest Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) community in the world. It provides organisations with a fast, secure service for collecting reports at any time, from anywhere.

Bacs payment services website

The Bacs payment services website can be used to view submission history (this requires a smartcard), access reports and maintain details of your service users and contacts. Your sponsoring payment service provider will advise you of the address and your log in details.

How to become an indirect submitter

Obtain an indirect submitter application form from your sponsoring payment service provider.

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