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Bacs Schemes

​​​​​​​​​Whether you are considering collecting payments by Direct Debit or interested in making payments by Bacs Direct Credit, we have a wide range of information available to help you get started and advice on how to improve the quality and profitability of your processes.


Direct Debit

Over 4.5 billion Direct Debit payments are processed a year and nine in ten UK consumers use Direct Debit to pay some or all of their regular bills. 

Bacs Direct Credit

Eight in ten employees in the UK are paid via Bacs Direct Credit and it is also the payment of choice for a range of other applications.​

Getting started

Once you have decided to introduce Direct Debit or start using Bacs Direct Credit there are three easy steps to getting started.

Operating the Schemes

We have a range of technical information and general advice on how to improve the quality and profitability of your processes whether you are a payment service ​provider or business service user. 

Marketing the Schemes

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Information Hub
Minimize Bacs Schemes
  • BACS2022 processing calendars
    The Bacs Payment System processing calendars showing non processing dates and indicating Julian dates to assist with payment processing​​​​
  • BACSLittle Bacs Guides
    A suite of simple, straight forward guides covering a range of subjects and best practice advice​
  • BACSGuide and Rules microsites
    Microsites for the various editions of the Guide and Rules for Bacs services and schemes​​
  • BACSBacs training
    Materials and courses to help organisations properly train their staff in all elements of payment products
  • BACSFacts and figures
    A range of statistics published by Pay.UK
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