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Direct submitters



​What is a direct submitter?

A direct submitter can originate payment instructions, create payment files and submit directly to Bacs.

Accessing Bacs

Interacting with Bacs is easy, quick and secure through Bacstel-IP.


Bacstel-IP is the delivery channel which gives corporate users secure online access to Bacs. Bacstel-IP is a multi-layered, highly advanced, online submission channel and the largest Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) community in the world. It provides organisations with a fast, secure service for submitting, tracking and viewing payment files at any time, from anywhere, as well as the ability to collect reports.

Connecting to Bacstel-IP

You can connect to Bacstel-IP across two connection types: the Internet, and Fixed Extranet. Simply choose the most appropriate for your business.

As a direct submitter there are two ways you can access Bacstel-IP: using software that Bacs has approved for Bacstel-IP and using a secure website called Bacs payment services.

Bacs approved software 

The Bacs Approved Software Service (BASS) provides minimum quality standards to all connectivity software. Since Bacs approves all Bacstel-IP software before it reaches the marketplace, users are reassured that the software has surpassed set quality standards, enabling a reduction in payment errors and enhanced control and protection of Bacs submissions. Below is a link to a list of all Bacs approved software.

Bacs payment services website

The Bacs payment services website can be used to view submission history (this requires a smartcard), access reports and maintain details of your service users and contacts. Your sponsoring payment service provider (PSP) will advise you of the address and your log in details.

The table below highlights the two ways a direct submitter can access Bacstel-IP:

​ Functionality Access methodType of security device 
Make payments​​Bacs approved software for Bacstel-IP Smartcard technology
Collect reports. message advises,   ​o​r unpaid/unapplied advisesBacs approved software for Bacstel-IP
Bacs payment services website
Smartcard technology
Password and ID
Maintain details of your service user and contactsBacs payment services websitePassword and ID
View submission history​​Bacs ap​proved software for Bacstel-IP
Bacs payment services website
Smartcard technology

Becoming a direct submitter

If you decide submitting direct to Bacs is the best option for your business you will need to plan your access to Bacs. There are a number of important steps to consider. Below is a list of items to help with this process.

Application form

Obtain a direct submitter application form from your sponsoring PSP.

Connectivity options

Bacstel-IP offers the ability to submit payments and collect reports across two connection types.

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