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Operating the Schemes - Businesses

​​Using Bacs Schemes makes your business more efficient and your customers happier. But we all know every process can be improved. In this section you will find a blend of essential technical information and general advice on how to improve the quality and profitability of your processes.


Guide and rules

Make sure all relevant colleagues are aware of the Scheme Rules. These are available online, remember to log in first.


Collecting Bacs messaging reports

You must access, and act on your advices promptly. Find out how to access and collect reports from Payment Services Website.

Indemnity claims

Everything you need to know about Direct Debit indemnity claims.


Maintaining payment records

To ensure your customers are not impacted if they switch payment service provider​s, it is essential that you keep your payment records up to date.

Using Bacstel-IP

A collection of useful guides to help you get the most out of Bacstel-IP.


Best practice videos

A number of videos to help you when using Bacs services.

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Minimize Operating the Schemes - Businesses
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