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Payment Services Website update project



Help shape this project with a simple JavaScript check 

Bacs has started a project to refresh the Payment Services Website (PSW) to improve the user experience for site visitors. We will be making the site easier to use as well as updating some of its functionality. We will also be making it compatible across more browsers.

Your assistance is sought to help ​shape this project by accessing PSW and carrying out one simple action that will enable us to check whether the browser your organisation uses when accessing PSW supports JavaScript. This will help us consider how we manage some elements of the refresh project.

What we need from you – one of the people in your organisation who usually accesses PSW should login via the computer that is generally used for that purpose. In the left hand navigation menu click on the link “PSW refresh – more…” which will lead you to an invitation to provide your browser information by clicking the submit button on screen. Once the information has been sent a page will be presented enabling you to return to the main PSW page.

By doing so this will enable us to evaluate whether the browser currently being used by your organisation supports JavaScript. 

​We will keep you informed about the progress on this project.