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Bacs Payment Services Website update project


​The Bacs Payment Services Website will be changing in 2022

We are making improvements to the Bacs Payment Services Website (PSW), which will go live in the first half of 2022. We’ll let you know exactly when as we approach 2022, so please look out for our communications as well as updates to this page throughout 2021.

IMPORTANT: There is nothing you need to do at this stage. This page is for information only. 

To find out more about the Bacs PSW improvements, please read our prepared questions and answers below. 

Bacs Payment Services Website refresh questions and answers

    What are we doing to the Bacs PSW, and why are we doing it?

  • We are making improvements to the Bacs PSW to help make it easier to use. We will enhance functionality and make it compatible across more browsers for some users (depending on their access method). 

    More details of exactly what improvements we are making will be shared towards the end of 2021.  

    ​When will the improved Bacs PSW go live?

  • The improved Bacs PSW will go live in the first half of 2022. 

    We will be updating this page, along with communicating with all Bacs PSW users regularly via email throughout the year to keep you updated on our progress and advise of the Bacs PSW refresh launch date as we progress through 2021. 

    Which browsers will be supported?

  • ​For PKI access, only IE 11 will be supported by the refreshed Bacs PSW. This is due to the software required for PKI access. 

    For ASM access, users will be able to use IE 11, as well as the latest version or immediate previous version of Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari. 

    ​What do you need to do now?

  • For now there is nothing you need to do, apart from look out for our communications throughout the year which will share more detail about the improvements we’re making.

Branding and who Pay.UK is

Currently, the Bacs PSW is Bacs branded. However, the refreshed Bacs PSW will be launched in Pay.UK branding, so the logo and the colours used on the site will change. 

In 2019 Pay.UK became the home for the UK's retail payment schemes Bacs, Faster Payments, Cheques. By bringing the schemes together as Pay.UK, we put the needs of consumers and businesses at the heart of everything we do. As one operator for all UK retail payments, we make sure that every retail payment sent or transferred in the UK is done safely and securely.

Our core purpose is to enable a vibrant UK economy, driving involvement and collaboration in payments. By delivering best-in-class infrastructure, standards and rules, we will maintain the UK's position for word-leading payment operations.

Find out more about Pay.UK and our responsibilities for payment operations at