Internet Explorer - end of life

Going forward some areas of and other Pay.UK websites will no longer work with Internet Explorer. We recommend you consider switching over to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for an uninterrupted experience.

Bacs Payment Services Website update project


​The Bacs Payment Services Website will be changing in 2022

We are making improvements to the Bacs Payment Services Website (PSW), which will go live in the first half of 2022. We’ll let you know exactly when as we approach 2022, so please look out for our communications as well as updates to this page throughout 2021.

The new PSW relies on JavaScript to function, and will also support a wider range of browsers and not just Internet Explorer. You need to make sure you have JavaScript enabled on your browser prior to the live date otherwise you may not be able to access the new PSW.

Please test your JavaScript status using our new tool and submit your results in the PSW. When logged into the PSW, click on the JavaScript test tab on the left-hand side menu of the home page.

To find out more about the Bacs PSW improvements, please read our prepared questions and answers below.

Bacs Payment Services Website refresh questions and answers

    What are we doing to the Bacs PSW, and why are we doing it?

  • We are making improvements to the Bacs PSW to help make it easier to use. We will improve the user experience and make it compatible across more browsers for some users (depending on their access method). 

    More details of exactly what improvements we are making will be shared towards the end of 2021.  

    ​When will the improved Bacs PSW go live?

  • The improved Bacs PSW will go live in the first half of 2022. 

    We will be updating this page, along with communicating with all Bacs PSW users regularly via email throughout the year to keep you updated on our progress and advise of the Bacs PSW refresh launch date as we progress through 2021. 

    Which browsers will be supported?

  • As PKI access is reliant on IE11, which is being retired next year, we are currently exploring all options to identify the best solution for our users, and this will be announced in due course. 

    For ASM access, users will be able to use the newest or the immediately previous versions of all major browsers once the refresh is complete.

    ​What is the Java Script test tool and why do I have to use it?

  • PSW relies on JavaScript to function. It will also support a wide range of browsers and not just Internet Explorer.

    We need to make sure you have JavaScript enabled on your browser prior to the live date otherwise you will not be able to access new PSW.

    ​Where can I find the test tool?

  • ​The Java Script test tool can be found by clicking on the ‘JavaScript test’ tab on the left-hand side menu of the home page of the existing PSW.

    ​How do I use the test tool?

  • To use the tool simply click the link marked JavaScript test tool. The tool will check if your browser has Java Script enabled and will present the results to you immediately. Please submit your test results using the ‘submit’ button so we can use the data to inform the PSW upgrade project. It is important you do not skip this step.

    ​How often should I run the test tool?

  • ​We suggest you run the tool immediately to check if JavaScript is enabled on your browser. We then recommend running the tool again closer to the new PSW go live date to check your browser is still enabled. Please also retest if you or your organisation make operating system changes to your computer.

    ​My JavaScript test has passed, what should I do?

  • ​Great. This means your current browser is JavaScript enabled and you will be able to access the new PSW when it goes live. Don’t forget to submit your result using the submit button.

    ​My Java Script test has failed, what are you going to do about it?

  • ​The JavaScript test tool is for you to be aware of the limitations of your browser. We have no access to your IT infrastructure so you will need to speak to your IT support to help you enable JavaScript on your browser.

    ​My JavaScript test has failed, what should I do?

  • ​You will need to speak to your internal company IT support to request that JavaScript is enabled on your browser.

    ​I already use Chrome, what is changing?

  • ​Browsers like Chrome do work up to a point with the existing PSW but this is not supported. The new Payment Services Website allows a wider range of browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome Firefox , Edge , Safari) to fully support all new PSW functions.

Branding and who Pay.UK is

Currently, the Bacs PSW is Bacs branded. However, the refreshed Bacs PSW will be launched in Pay.UK branding, so the logo and the colours used on the site will change. 

In 2019 Pay.UK became the home for the UK's retail payment schemes Bacs, Faster Payments, Cheques. By bringing the schemes together as Pay.UK, we put the needs of consumers and businesses at the heart of everything we do. As one operator for all UK retail payments, we make sure that every retail payment sent or transferred in the UK is done safely and securely.

Our core purpose is to enable a vibrant UK economy, driving involvement and collaboration in payments. By delivering best-in-class infrastructure, standards and rules, we will maintain the UK's position for word-leading payment operations.

Find out more about Pay.UK and our responsibilities for payment operations at