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Bacs security upgrades

In 2016 we completed the first phase of a set of changes to a new and more sophisticated level of internet security at Bacs, which included the withdrawal of older connection protocols. This involved a combination of changes to Bacs Approved Software and service users being required to use more up-to-date operating systems and web browsers to be able to continue to access Bacs services.

The second phase of our enhanced cyber security programme completed in October 2017. Having upgraded our connectivity, sponsoring payment service providers (PSP) are now able to issue new smartcards offering stronger security to service users as part of their normal smartcard replacement programme, gradually replacing all existing smartcards to provide a greater level of end to end security.

All contacts will receive their new smartcard in line with their normal replacement programme, along with the latest version of the Gemalto e-Signer software which will need to be installed for the new cards to operate.

There is no action for you to take. Your PSP​ will be in touch in line with their normal replacement programme. Bacs is fully committed to ensuring that the security around our services is robust and fit for purpose in the 21st Century and we will continue to keep you informed as updates develop.


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