Using Bacstel-IP

To the right of your screen, in the Information Hub you will find the following useful guides to help you get the most out of Bacstel-IP.

Forgotten your password for logging on to the payment services website?

Download 'Payment services password help' which explains how to get your password reset.

Bacstel-IP Service User Guide

All new Bacs users must download the Bacstel-IP Service User Guide – it will provide you with an understanding of the Bacs electronic funds transfer service and how to make submissions to the service through Bacstel-IP.

Payment Services Contact's Guide

If you have been registered as a contact to use one or more payment services facilities this guide will tell you all about what being a contact means, what you can do over the web channel, the security method(s) you will need to access the web channel and how you can alter information held about you.

Getting started guide

A quick and easy guide covering the key tasks to get you started with Bacstel-IP, whether a direct or indirect submitter.

Collecting messaging reports

You must access, and act on your advices promptly. An overview of how to access and collect reports from the Payment Services Website.

Information Hub

Info Hub

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