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There are a number of ways of finding information and documents on the Bacs website.

Information Hub

The Information Hub offers quick and easy access to useful materials based upon where you are on the site at that point in time.

The panel on the right hand edge or bottom of your screen, the Information Hub, suggests supplementary information relating to the content of the web page you are on. It initially displays up to five items but there may be additional material to show. If so this is indicated at the bottom of the panel.

Clicking the green arrow to the side of Information Hub will make the panel slide out, giving more information about each of the items and allowing you to search for further information using the Search facility.


Search can be accessed from anywhere on the site by either clicking the red arrow immediately to the left of the Information Hub panel or by using the grey search button (featuring the magnifying glass icon) to the top right of the page.

The search facility allows you to explore all of the content available on the site, searching information on the pages across the site as well as documents available from this site. The ‘type’ filter can be used to specify documents or pages only and the order by preferences helps you sort the results however works best for you.

Some areas of the site and a number of documents are password protected and are only accessible to registered users with the appropriate level of access. If something is password protected it will display a key icon and you will only be able to open it if you have logged in and have the necessary level of access.

Remember, if you are:

  • Not logged in the key symbol will show against all resources that are password protected
  • Logged in the key symbol will only show against the resources you do not have access rights too.

So, get the most out of this site and remember to log in first every time you visit. If you haven't yet applied for your password do so now using the link below. 

Please note: This site does NOT contain any Bacs reports. If you are looking to collect your Bacs reports you need to visit the Payment Services Website.

Information Hub

Info Hub

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Some areas and assets are password protected and only available to eligible registered users. To gain access to all the information you need register for your password and log in first every visit