​Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service

AUDDIS enables organisations to send new Direct Debit Instructions to their customers' payment service provider (PSP) electronically, instead of in paper format. It is mandatory for all new service users that submit direct to Bacs.

AUDDIS automates the transfer of Direct Debit Instructions from collecting organisations to the paying PSPs via the Bacs service. The organisation keeps the original signed Instruction and electronically sends the details to the customers' PSP​ to validate and, if accepted, set up the Instruction on its database.

By automating the exchange of Instruction details between organisations and PSPs, manual handling is reduced leading to fewer errors. Instruction details are processed faster and more efficiently, eliminating the need for the customer's PSP to re-key the details.

Any invalid Instructions rejected by the paying PSPs are returned via the Bacs service using ADDACS​.

Service users who wish to use the Paperless Direct Debit service must become AUDDIS compliant first.


  • Reduced paper handling
  • Your customers enjoy a better quality service through fewer manual keying errors
  • Overall, the Direct Debit Scheme is improved, as is its public image. 

Getting started

To start using AUDDIS, simply contact your PSP. Signing up is a straightforward four step process:   

  1. Complete and submit an AUDDIS application form
  2. Prepare your systems, including software, to accept the new submission and message format
  3. Complete the AUDDIS testing procedures
  4. Go online and start using AUDDIS.

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