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Automated payments are at the heart of the UK’s financial system, providing an essential service for bill payers and billers, employees and employers, charities and donors, clients and suppliers, and government.

Direct Debit is the payment option chosen by thousands of companies to automatically and securely collect important payments from millions of people and organisations. Bacs Direct Credit – commonly known as Bacs – is used to pay 90% of the UK workforce, whether that’s wages, salaries, or benefits, as well as for settling business-to-business invoices.​

COVID-19 update 6 April 2020

As you would expect, we have been working with partners across the industry to closely monitor the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak to ensure that we are taking the necessary steps to protect our colleagues and maintain services for all those who rely on them. 

We have comprehensive business continuity plans in place to protect the critical national infrastructure we are responsible for – ensuring seamless operation for our end users. We have thoroughly tested these plans, and have started to implement these using a phased approach, while we are also working closely with our infrastructure supplier to ensure our continued capability to deliver these critical services.

Thanks to our extensive planning, and efforts of our colleagues, we are confident that we are in a position to maintain these core services in extreme circumstances, and will continue to review our plans on a daily basis, if and as the situation changes.​​​​​

News centre
News centre
PRESS RELEASE Plan ahead to avoid delays to Easter payments
01 April 2020
A long bank holiday weekend is fast approaching, and planning around the available processing days is important to avoid missing vital payments to suppliers and staff.
04 March 2020 11:23 AM
With Easter just around the corner, make sure you download the Bacs 2020 processing calendar and stay on top of those important payment dates: #payments
19 February 2020 16:17 PM
We would love to hear from charities, small and large businesses. As part of our industry consultation into a new messaging standard for UK payments we are holding a User Workshop on Tuesday 17 March. To find out more or register to attend please contact
Bulk Payment Redirection Service delivers efficiency savings for London Mutual Credit Union
29 July 2019
The innovative Bulk Payment Redirection Service, makes use of the proven payment redirection facility, developed for the hugely successful Current Account Switch Service.
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