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An email claiming Direct Debit payments to British Gas have been declined is a new phishing scam. Recipients are warned not to click on any links but, instead, forward the message to British Gas owner Centrica at

The phishing email reads: “Your bank has declined the latest direct debit payment. British Gas wants to inform you that your last payment of £27.98 GBP has been declined. Something’s gone wrong with your direct debit payments. Your bank has been declined the latest Direct Debit payment. If you don’t keep up with your payments, you risk becoming disconnected. Please follow the procedure and check your information by clicking the 'Check Details' button.”

Practical advice to avoid being caught out by phishing emails
Automated payments are at the very centre of the UK’s financial system, providing an essential service for both consumers and organisations.


Bacs is the company which runs Direct Debit in the UK. We also run the Bacs Direct Credit Scheme, which is used to pay salaries and settle invoices from suppliers; this is commonly referred to just as Bacs.

Bacs Payment Schemes Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pay.UK

The systemically important operations for Direct Debit and Bacs Direct Credit as well as the Current Account Switch Service, Cash ISA Transfer Service, and the Industry Sort Code Directory are owned and operated by leading UK retail payments authority, Pay.UK. 

Pay.UK has taken overall responsibility for the activities previously carried out by Bacs Payment Schemes Limited, Faster Payments Scheme Limited, The Cheque & Credit Clearing Company Limited, and UK Payments Administration Ltd. While now part of Pay.UK, the Bacs team will continue to manage the company’s  products and services as normal. Neither consumers, service users, nor payment service providers (PSPs) will see any change. For further information, please visit​.​​​​

News centre
News centre
PRESS RELEASE UK SMEs face debt burden of £23.4 billion
21 November 2019
The UK SME late payment debt has risen to a staggering £23.4 billion, up £10.4 billion on the £13 billion owed in 2018 - according to figures released by Pay.UK, which runs the Bacs Direct Credit and Direct Debit payment services.
21 November 2019 13:16 PM
Our new research reveals an increase in the late payment burden faced by #SMEs. Find out more, here (via @thisismoney): #payments
19 November 2019 11:59 AM
Impressive turnout for today’s Direct Debit service user masterclass in #Bristol, which will see a range of topics covered by the @WeArePayUK #Bacs team. Remember that you can get more information on future events on our website: #DirectDebit #payments
Bulk Payment Redirection Service delivers efficiency savings for London Mutual Credit Union
29 July 2019
The innovative Bulk Payment Redirection Service, makes use of the proven payment redirection facility, developed for the hugely successful Current Account Switch Service.
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